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 Mortgage Call Report XML Specification

NMLS provides company users with the ability to submit an MCR filing either through manual data entry within NMLS, or through an upload of a properly formatted XML file to NMLS.

The MCR XML upload feature provides a streamlined option for creating an MCR filing for those companies that are able to extract MCR information from their internal systems. The upload feature may be used to create an initial MCR filing, change information on a pending MCR filing or amend information on a previously-submitted MCR filing.

The MCR XML Specification provides detailed information about the MCR XML file, including the MCR XML schema.

XML users can also consult the XML Sample Pack, a zip file containing schemas and samples. 

The following Quick Guides will walk you through completing the MCR by uploading an XML file:

Upload Standard FC
Upload Standard RMLA
Upload Expanded MCR

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you offer manual input or a data upload option for the NMLS Mortgage Call Report (MCR)? 
NMLS offers both the manual input and data upload options.  The two options are complementary to each other.  This means the user has the ability to upload data and subsequently manually enter or correct data before submitting the filing.

The data upload feature utilizes XML.  A first draft of the MCR-XML was made available on the NMLS Resource Center on February 23, 2011 and the final version was released on March 18, 2011.  The MCR-XML format provides a means to file the MCR without requiring manual data entry.   The organization filing the MCR will have the option to extract the data from their internal systems, format to the MCR-XML format, and upload the file to NMLS as part of their MCR form filing.  Regardless of the feature used to populate the MCR and similar to other filings, the user will need to run completeness checks, attest, and submit the MCR through NMLS.

Will the user be able to automatically upload the data to NMLS?
No.  The user providing the MCR XML file must log into NMLS and manually start the MCR filing.  The MCR XML file has to be manually uploaded to NMLS by browsing to the file that is stored on the user accessible file system and then uploading the file.  Afterwards, the user will have to complete the filing.  Regardless of the feature used to populate the MCR and similar to other filings, the user will need to run completeness checks, attest, and submit the MCR through NMLS.

Will the user be able to upload data from multiple systems that each contain their own parts of the data? Or will the customer need to submit all data at once?
The user will be able to upload multiple MCR XML files that are used to complete one MCR filing. The user will also be able to manually enter data in the NMLS before and after the MCR XML upload as another means to complete the MCR filing.  Please note that data that coincides between multiple files will result in the prior information being overwritten by the subsequent information if the subsequent upload occurs before the filing is submitted.   If the subsequent upload occurs after the filing has been submitted it will create an amendment to the filing.



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