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 State Licensing Requirements

Company Licenses Description Requirements Checklist
Deferred Deposit Lender Registration This license is required of any company or Individual that extends a deferred deposit loan to a Utah citizen either at a physical location or through the internet
Escrow Agency Registration Without prior authorization by the department, no person may perform escrow services, offer to perform escrow services, advertise that it performs escrow services, use the word "escrow" in a business name, or do any other thing that might reasonably cause anyone to believe that the person performs escrow services. Utah Governing Law: Title 7, Chapter 25 of the Utah Code Annotated.
Money Transmitter License This license is required of any company transacting in the sale or issuance of a payment instrument or engaging in the business of receiving money for transmission or transmitting money within the United States or to locations abroad by any and all means, including payment instrument, wire, facsimile, or electronic transfer. Utah Governing Law: Title 7, Chapter 25 of the Utah Code Annotated.
Residential First Mortgage Notification This Notification is required for any company that services residential first mortgage loans. It is also required for an affiliate of a depository institution that brokers or originates residential first mortgage loans. A mortgage loan wholesale company must also file the Notification.
Title Lender Registration This registration is required of any company that extends a loan (or assists in extending a loan) secured by the title to a motor vehicle, mobile home, or motorboat. Title Loans do not include loans to facilitate the purchase of the securing vehicle. Utah Governing Law: Title 7, Chapter 24 of the Utah Code Annotated.
Branch Licenses Description Requirements Checklist
No branch licenses Utah DFI does not have licenses of this classification available in NMLS at this time.
    Individual Licenses Description Requirements Checklist
    Mortgage Loan Originator License This license is required of any individual who for compensation or in the expectation of compensation takes a residential mortgage loan application or offers or negotiates a term of a residential mortgage loan.

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