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 Policies & Notices


Outlines details on how NMLS Approved Course Providers can, under specific conditions, temporarily deliver classroom pre-licensure education (PE) courses in a webinar format between March 17, 2020 and April 30, 2020.
NMLS policy on the retention of materials submitted for NMLS course provider and course approval
NMLS policy on what is considered to be acceptable business arrangements for the promotion, selling, reselling, and marketing of NMLS approved courses.
This policy sets requirements for the retention of data and documents associated with the delivery of NMLS approved courses.
Effective November 1, 2019, Pre-licensure courses that are state-specific and that are 10 hours or less will only be approved for online delivery using the online self-study format.
Notice to inform NMLS approved course providers and industry of a policy regarding the eligibility of instructors to teach NMLS approved courses.
NMLS policy and criteria for approving course providers
NMLS policy and criteria for approving courses
NMLS policy for when and how to report course completions
NMLS policy on the four approved classroom formats


Notice that websites need to be maintained and must comply with the Policy on Business Arrangements, Reselling, and Marketing of NMLS Approved Courses.
Description of all Testing & Education Fees
Information on how to comply with the SAFE Act's two year rule
Notice regarding updated guidance on the requirement to change names in case studies that are required in NMLS approved courses
Job description and responsiblities of an NMLS Course Evalutor. Please read thoroughly before applying.

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