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The NMLS Resource Center is the official gateway into the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) and provides users with tools, tips, news and updates.                                                                                ​

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The State Examination System is Set to Launch Nationwide

Posted 2/19/2020

Today at the NMLS Annual Conference & Training in San Francisco we announced the new State Examination System (SES) is launching nationwide. Read the press release. Plus, find out more about SES on the web.

2019 Annual Report “Building a Foundation for the Future” Now Available

Posted 2/18/2020

The 12th annual report on NMLS operations, performance and development efforts has been released in conjunction with the start of the NMLS Annual Conference & Training. The report, “Building a Foundation for the Future,” highlights the State Examination System, Temporary Authority to Operate and more. View the annual report on the NMLS Resource Center.

2020 NMLS Annual Conference & Training: Ombudsman Meeting Agenda

Posted 2/12/2020

The agenda for the NMLS Ombudsman Meeting has been posted on the NMLS Resource Center. The meeting will be held Thursday, February 20, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PT in Continental 4-5 (Ballroom Level) at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. For more details, visit www.nmlsconference.org.

Due Date of Fourth Quarter MSB Call Reports Extended to March 31

Posted 2/11/2020

The due date for Money Services Businesses (MSB) Call Reports filed for the fourth quarter has been extended. Formerly, the due date for any MSB Call Report filing was 45 days after the end of the filing quarter. Under that policy, the due date for any fourth quarter call report was February 14.

The new due date for fourth quarter MSB Call Reports is March 31. The new due date is effective for fourth quarter 2019 filings. Due dates for first, second and third quarters remain unchanged.

Note: If a company is licensed in a state with a different deadline defined by statute or regulation, the company is still required to file the full MSB Call Report within that state’s deadline. 


New Jersey To Add Mortgage Servicer License and RMLA-Licensed Mortgage Servicer Registration to NMLS on January 13

Posted 1/10/2020

Starting January 13, NMLS will begin receiving new applications for the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance Mortgage Servicer License and RMLA-Licensed Mortgage Servicer Registration. New applicants can begin submitting these records through NMLS at that time. For more information on the license and registration please see NJDOBI Bulletin 19-13 and the checklists.

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