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 Getting Started: State-Licensed Companies 

Are you looking for Federal Registration? Go to the Federal Registry Resource Center.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Request an account

To gain access to the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) for the first time, a company must submit a form requesting an account. The Company Account Request Form can be accessed at the link below and takes only a few minutes to complete. Once the form has been submitted it will be reviewed for accuracy.  If validated, an account will be set up for the company and User IDs and passwords will be issued to the account administrator(s) identified.

Company Account Request Form

Step 2 - Get prepared

The following resources will help you prepare to use the NMLS:

Quick Guides - Company - Recommended workflow guides for various licensing scenarios along with Quick Guides that cover “how to” for key tasks related to companies.

Transitioning an Existing Company License - Provides company users with instructions for transitioning an existing license onto NMLS.

Quick Guides - Individual - Recommended workflow guides for various licensing scenarios along with Quick Guides that cover “how to” for key tasks related to individuals.

Navigation Guides - Detailed “How To” instructions with screenshots that you can download and print.

MU Forms - Download sample forms to help you gather the necessary information.

Step 3 - What does my state require?

Review the jurisdiction-specific requirements for the state in which you are using the NMLS to apply for a license or transitioning an existing license. You can print out a checklist of jurisdiction-specific requirements by going to the State Licensing Requirements Page. If your Jurisdiction is not yet participating, you can enter your record by skipping the License/Registration screen in NMLS and returning to it once your Jurisdiction has joined.

Step 4 - Log in to NMLS and complete your record

Once your company's account administrator(s) receives his or her User ID and password, click on the "Log into NMLS" button above. From there, follow the instructions outlined in the Navigation Guides and Quick Guides to complete your record and submit it to your state regulator.

Step 5 - Submit and pay

When you are ready to submit a filing to a state regulator, you will need to run the Completeness Check. Once the Completeness Check is finished, you can submit the filing and pay the licensing fees. Acceptable payment methods are Visa, MasterCard and bank ACH payment (Automated Clearing House). See NMLS Payment Options for information on payment methods.


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