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 NMLS News

NMLS Release 2017.2 Targeted for June 19, 2017

Posted 5/18/2017

NMLS Release 2017.2 has been targeted for June 19, 2017. The release contains numerous enhancements and system maintenance updates.
Noteworthy enhancements include:
  • The addition of Returned to Surety Regulator functionality
  • Updates to the MSB Call Report
  • Updates to Electronic Surety Bonds

CSBS Launches NMLS 2.0 Website

Posted 5/11/2017

CSBS launched a new website dedicated to the NMLS 2.0 initiative to provide updates, engagement opportunities, and progress on the new NMLS. If you want to stay up-to-date or participate in the NMLS 2.0 initiative, visit the website at: https://new.nmls.org/. You can also access the site by clicking the NMLS 2.0 tab above.

Expansion of National Test - Content Outline

Posted 5/8/2017

An expanded version of the National Test - Content Outline for the SAFE MLO National Test with Uniform State Content has been posted on the testing page of the NMLS Resource Center. The expansion of the outline includes more focused information to better serve the needs of the test taker. The updated outline is available here.

NMLS 2.0 Stakeholder Feedback Requested

Posted 4/27/2017

A new iteration of NMLS 2.0 Journey Maps have been posted on the NMLS 2.0 page of the NMLS Resource Center. CSBS is requesting industry feedback on these journey maps to ensure we are capturing your work processes correctly. Feedback is requested by May 5th.  

 Agency News

NY to Add MSBs to NMLS on July 1, 2017

Posted 5/16/2017

The New York State Department of Financial Services announced that, starting July 1, 2017, the Department of Financial Services (DFS) will be transitioning to NMLS to manage the license application and ongoing regulation of all Money Services Businesses (MSB) doing business in New York. New applicants and existing licensees will be able to submit these records through NMLS. Additional information, including license checklists, will be posted when available.

Vermont Department of Financial Regulation to Add Loan Solicitation License to NMLS May 22, 2017

Posted 5/10/2017

Starting May 22, 2017, NMLS will begin receiving new application filings for the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation Loan Solicitation License and Loan Solicitation Branch License. Click here for more information.

Guam to Adopt Electronic Surety Bonds

Posted 5/3/2017

Starting June 1, 2017, the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation will begin receiving new and converted Electronic Surety Bonds (ESB) through NMLS. See the ESB Adoption Map and Table for a list of state agencies who have also adopted ESB and required transition dates.

Arizona to Add Consumer Lender, Debt Management, and Money Transmitter Licenses to NMLS May 1, 2017

Posted 4/25/2017

Starting May 1, 2017, NMLS will begin receiving new application and transition filings for the following Arizona Department of Financial Institutions licenses. New applicants and existing licensees will be able to submit these records through NMLS.
  • Money Transmitter License
  • Money Transmitter Branch License
  • Consumer Lender License
  • Consumer Lender Branch License
  • Debt Management License
  • Debt Management Branch License

Note: Companies holding these license types are encouraged to submit a license transition request through NMLS by filing a Company Form (MU1) and an Individual Form (MU2) for each of their control persons. Additionally, for each branch holding these license types, companies are encouraged to complete and submit a Branch Form (MU3). Click here for more information.

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