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 NMLS 2.0 Information 

NMLS is being rebuilt on a more modern platform in order to improve its operations, enhance the user experience, and strengthen supervision. The NMLS 2.0 Stakeholder Engagement Process is intended to develop the vision, concepts, and relevant policy issues to support the development process. NMLS 2.0 is governed by the SRR Board of Managers and the NMLS Policy Committee, and directed by the NMLS 2.0 Steering Committee. The goals and guiding principles of this modernization effort can be found here: NMLS 2.0 Guiding Principles.

 Industry Input

Throughout the development process industry users of NMLS will have the opportunity to provide feedback.

Check back here for opportunities.

 NMLS 2.0 Update

During January, SRR staff and our vendor, PwC, conducted on-site company visits  to six system users and two sessions with groups of company representatives to get industry feedback on NMLS to incorporate into the requirements gathering process.  Following those sessions, the NMLS 2.0 Steering Committee and representatives from several other state agencies met for a two-day session to hear industry feedback and recommendations, and provide additional feedback on the regulator perspective and system use.

  1. Held six one-on-one meetings with non-depository mortgage lenders, money services businesses, and federally registered institutions.
  2. Held two two-day workshops with 25 licensees to gain user input, document NMLS use patterns, and solicit feedback. 
  3. In-person meeting of state regulators to review findings and obtain input on regulator issues.
  4. Survey sent to industry stakeholders to gain further understanding of the types of users in NMLS (i.e., user personas).

As a follow up to the in-person industry meetings, a survey was sent to gather additional feedback regarding licensing processes and people involved in that process.  The survey requests information about the specific roles in the respondent’s organization that are involved in licensing, as well as what their goals and key activities are.  We will use this feedback to create detailed industry user personas for each role. Two important tools that PwC is using to help envision NMLS 2.0 are user personas and journey maps.  Using these development tools will help us to provide individualized personas, or workflows, within NMLS to create an easier, more intuitive system for each user.


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